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A fine and early Fougeres vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This very well excecuted vase Fougeres was designed by Lalique in 1912. It was one of his earliest vase designs. The heavy green patina and the signature on the top suggests an early production date. Its also signed in the mold R. Lalique.

Height: 16 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 422 number 923

A rare electric blue ‘Espalion’ vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This Art Deco decor is a classic R. Lalique design from 1927. Its so abstracted and well carved that all details are highlighted. The vivid blue glass marks the form of this lovely item. The condition is exellent.

Its signed in diamond script R. Lalique France

Height: 18 cm.

See Marcilhac page 438, number 996

A very fine molded ‘Archer’ mascotte by Lalique

By lennart,

This pristine Art Deco ‘Archer’ car mascot designed by René Lalique in 1926 is a great example of the variety of the Lalique glass car-mascots in the late twenties. The decor of a young warrior stands out in this deep silver toned edition.

Its signed with the molded signature R. Lalique and in script France.

Height: 13 cm.

See Marcilhac page 498, number 1126

A rare Brandt bronze forged lampfoot with Lalique shade 1926

By lennart,

This bronze forged Art Deco lampfoot was designed by famous French designer Edgar Brandt. The lamp shade was designed by René Lalique. The ideal marriage of the two best designers in their field. Lalique worked with Brandt in the late twenties and made several of these cooparations in light, glass and bronze.

Height: 30 cm.

Base signed ‘EBrandt’ and shade signed ‘R. Lalique France’

Compare: Marcilhac page 615 number C, F and G and page 690

Condition, overall good, Small imperfection on inner side of the lampsocket, not visible

A lovely R. Lalique flacon ‘Les Anemones’ for Forvil

By lennart,

This original R. Lalique flacon ‘Les Anemones’ was designed in 1929. Its in pristine original condion and holds the label of Forvil. Matching stopper and flacon.

Height: 8,5 cm.

See Marcilhac page 932, number Forvil 18

Its signed in the mold ‘R. Lalique France’

A wonderful R. Lalique perfume ‘Narkiss’

By lennart,

This beautiful R. Lalique peerfume bottle was designed for Roger et Gallet in 1912. The form is made by simultaneously blowing and pressing the body.

Good original condition. Signed in the mold ‘Brevete R.L.

The height is 12 cm. (this is the bigger version)

See Marcilhac page 947 number 6


A lovely charcoal grey R. Lalique ‘Domremy’ vase circa 1926

By lennart,

This lovely Lalique vase was designed by R. Lalique in 1926. It holds the original earthred patina and is in very good condition. The press molded design is fine and worked out in detail. The thistles comes out of the pattern which gives the piece it’s threedimensional form.

Height: 22 cm.

See Marcilhac page 434 number 979

Acid stamped signature ‘R. Lalique’

A very good car mascot ‘Tete d’aigle’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This very nice car mascot is of a light hue. Its incredible detail makes it a very well designed  piece in pristine condition.

Its signed in the mold R. Lalique and France

Height: 11 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 499, number 1138

An early inkwell Nenuphar circa 1910

By lennart,

This inkwell was among Lalique earliest designs in glass and presented for the first time in 1910. The ocre patinated glass piece is in pristine condition with the original lid. Its script signed R. Lalique France. The piece is very refined and is a rare find on the market today.

Diameter 8.5 cm.

See Marcilhac 2011, page 315, number 425

A scarce sepia ‘Sauge’ vase by Lalique circa 1923

By lennart,

This beautiful vase is rarely seen in this version. The molding is crisp.  The pattern has been blown, polished and satinated. The condition is excellent, signed R. Lalique

Height: 26 cm

See Marcilhac page 425, number 935

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