A Fine Picasso Madoura ‘Spanish Pitcher’

By lennart,

This lovely 3D artwork in ceramics was designed by Pablo Picasso in 1954. The white eartherware clay is painted with vivid colours. Executed in an edition of 200 ex. Signed with the stamps and edition marks. Height 22.5 cm.

A rare honeyyellow Lalique ‘Avallon’ vase

By lennart,

This rare lovely vase ‘Avallon’ was designed by René Lalique in 1927. The Art Deco designed vase was a bestseller, however in this colour the vase is extremely rare. The transparant honey-yellow makes the foliage and birds in the design radiant set in light. Heigth 14.7 cm. Signed R. Lalique France.

A fine Picasso Madoura ‘Taureau’ dish

By lennart,

This small Madoura Taureau dish has been designed by Pablo Picasso in 1952. 500 copies have been produced, this one a very fine example. The green paraffine contrasts beautifully with the off-white glaze. Diameter 14,5 cm. Stamp signed and ‘Edition Picasso’ in script.

rare Picasso Madoura ‘Wood-Owl’ pitcher

By lennart,

This rare Picasso Madoura Wood-Owl pitcher designed by Picasso in 1969 for the Ramie family in Vallauris France. It has been painted and glazed. This lovely pitcher was made in a closed edition of 250 examples. Signed edition Picasso 62/250 with stamps and ‘Edition Picasso’ on the back. Perfect condition.

Height: 30,5 cm.

See: Ramie, number 604

A fine and early Fougeres vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This very well excecuted vase Fougeres was designed by Lalique in 1912. It was one of his earliest vase designs. The amethyst colour the wheel carved signature suggests an early production date. Its also signed in the mold R. Lalique.

Height: 16 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 422 number 923

A sought after litho ‘Atelier de Cannes’ from Picasso

By lennart,

This big lithograph was made for Gallery 65 in Cannes in 1958. The many different colours makes it a vivid and great work of art. Signed in the plate to upper left ‘7.4.56 pour Gilberte and George Picasso 65.12.58′. This work is from the edition  for Ces Peintres Nos Amis Vol. II published by Mourlot, Paris in 1960.

lithograph on paper, printed paper
17½ h × 12¾ w inch
44 × 32 cm

A very atractive small fifties Perzel lamp ca. 1958

By lennart,

This lovely Jean Perzel lamp is fully original with rewired electric cord. The inner shade is made of sandblasted glass. The outside shade is copper coulered metal. White lacquered foot. All original fixtures and material. Circa 1958.

Height: 40 cm.

Signed on the foot.



A rare electric blue ‘Espalion’ vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This Art Deco decor is a classic R. Lalique design from 1927. Its so abstracted and well carved that all details are highlighted. The vivid blue glass marks the form of this lovely item. The condition is exellent.

Its signed in diamond script R. Lalique France

Height: 18 cm.

See Marcilhac page 438, number 996

A very fine amberred ‘Ormeaux’ vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This pristine Art Deco ‘Ormeaux’ vase designed by René Lalique in 1926 is a great example of the top quality of the Lalique glass vases in the late twenties. The decor of abstracted leaves fits perfect in the baluster form.

Its signed with the molded signature R. Lalique and in script France.

Height: 17 cm.

See Marcilhac page 435, number 984

A rare Brandt bronze forged lampfoot with Lalique shade 1926

By lennart,

This bronze forged Art Deco lampfoot was designed by famous French designer Edgar Brandt. The lamp shade was designed by René Lalique. The ideal marriage of the two best designers in their field. Lalique worked with Brandt in the late twenties and made several of these cooparations in light, glass and bronze.

Height: 30 cm.

Base signed ‘EBrandt’ and shade signed ‘R. Lalique France’

Compare: Marcilhac page 615 number C, F and G and page 690

Condition, overall good, Small imperfection on inner side of the lampsocket, not visible

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