An exclusive and rare orange ‘Deux Zephyrs’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This small ring dish is a very rare find. The pressed orange glass has been handworked and is finished with the finest satin finish. The piece is signed ‘Lalique’ in the mold. Circa 1913. A very early Lalique design indeed.

Diameter: 8 cm.

See Marcilhac page 269 number 275

A beautiful and rare ‘Roses de D’Orsay’ perfumebottle by Lalique

By lennart,

This pristine Art Nouveau flacon designed in 1914 is a rare find, since many examples hve been restored or broken. Due to the fact that the high stopper is set inside the bottle, many pieces where broken. This piece was found in a private collection. White glass with sepia patina. Signed with Extended L signature.

Height 10 cm.
See Marcilhac page 943, number 11

A very elegant console possibly by Buffa circa 1940’s

By lennart,

This beautiful console was designed in Italy around the 1940’s. The piece is both elegant and very well made. The solid rose marble combines lovely with the bronze gilded feet and black wooden strcuture.

Height: 110 cm.

A tempting color offset lithograph of ‘Atelier’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This nice offset lithograph is quite rare. It comes from an edition of only 150 examples before the lettering. This offset lithograph was made as poster for Galerie de Cannes in an edition of 300 in 1960. The quality is amazing, with fresh colouring and litho quality on Rives paper. We see the well known atelier by Picasso in Cannes. This piece comes with a frame and matted glass.

Dimensions: 56 x 44,5 cm.

See: Czwiklitzer page 186 and 556

A very rare silverprint by Paul Haviland

By lennart,

In this rare foto by Paul Haviland we see Helene Camus in the Limoges region around 1918. The garden is that of the Haviland family house. The young girl looks at us half hidden by the trees. Its gives the atmosphere a romantic touch.

Height ca. 18 cm.

A rare silverprint By Paul Haviland

By lennart,

This silverprint belongs to a small group of photo’s which has been acquired from the Haviland family estate.

Paul Haviland was a well known photographer around 1910-1920 when he was working closely with Alfred Stieglitz in the so called New York Secession. Gallery 291 or ‘291’ was opened by Stieglitz en Edward Steichen in 1905 as Little Galleries of the Photo-Secession and Haviland frequented and exhibited there regulary.

In this vintage silverprint we see Suzanne Bouret, a good friend of his spouse Suzanne Lalique.

Compare the negative PHO 1993 4 13 in Musée D’Orsay

A rare handsigned lithographic Poster by Picasso

By lennart,

This unique poster was published for Picasso’s last big group of lithographs in 1969 called ‘Portrait Imaginaires.’ The litho’s were printed by his good friend Marcel Salinas and exhibited in 1971 in the gallery Du Passeur in Paris. 16 different lithographic posters were printed to highlight this exhibition. The original litho’s were sold in editions of 500, 250 prints in France and Europe and 250 in the UK and USA. These goateed, lusty figures were called ‘musketeers’ by his friends.

This lithographic poster however is one of kind, it has been signed in red pencil by Picasso even before the lettering was added for the Gallery. This makes this poster a truly unique work of art. It is adressed to Mr. Bernard, a café-owner in Mougins in the South of France, a café which Picasso frequented at the time.

Signed by Picasso on May 4 1972.
Dimensions 74 x 52,5 cm.

See Czwiklitzer page 416 and 582

A very elegant flacon ‘Lac Dor’ for Lubin by Lalique

By lennart,

This elegant flacon designed by Lalique in 1920 was created for the House of Lubin. However it was not very well marketed and the perfume did not sell well enough it is now considered a Lalique classic. The name Lac Dor is referring to the ‘gold lake’ which can be seen as the water of the Indian Taj Mahal reflects its golden domes in the white marble pool.

Remaining bottles were later re-used in 1940 for the perfume ‘Sur deux Notes.’

Height: 13,5 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 940 and Mayer Lefkowith page 168-169

An amusing lithograph ‘Peintre et Model’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This nice small lithograph by Picasso was made in 1964 when the master was already 83 years old. The well known theme of the painter and his model has been excecuted in a splendid manner. The litho is signed in the plate. This is the original edition from the sixties.

Dimensions: 25,5 cm x 18,7 cm.

See: Bloch number 1846, (Second Volume) page 340. referering to book 141; Catalogue of the Redfern Gallery Londen where this litho was used in the first 1150 examples.

A very rare medaillon ‘Picador and Bull’ by Picasso circa 1950

By lennart,

This ceramic medaillon was designed by Picasso for the Madoura pottery in 1950. only 100 were produced which makes this a rare find. The red eartherware clay is been formed in a mold and than handfinished, so every piece is a little different. This piece is stamped with the ‘Empreinte original de Picasso’ stamp.

It measures 7.5 by 8 cm.

See Ramie, page 57, number 101

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