A wonderful R. Lalique perfume ‘Narkiss’

By lennart,

This beautiful R. Lalique peerfume bottle was designed for Roger et Gallet in 1912. The form is made by simultaneously blowing and pressing the body.

Good original condition. Signed in the mold ‘Brevete R.L.

The height is 12 cm. (this is the bigger version)

See Marcilhac page 947 number 6


A lovely deep amber R. Lalique ‘Biches’ vase circa 1932

By lennart,

This lovely vase was designed by R. Lalique in 1932. It holds the original withocre patina and is in very good condition. The airpressed blown design is fine and worked out in detail. The deer comes out of the pattern which gives the piece it’s threedimensional form.

Height: 16,5 cm.

See Marcilhac page 456 number 1082

Acid stamped signature ‘R. Lalique France’

Two stunning race car oil paintings by Robert de La Rivière (Rob Roy)

By lennart,

These two stunning original oil paintings celebrate the early days of car-racing in both Monaco and Le Mans. Painter ‘W. Scott’ was the alias for Robert de La Rivière alias Rob Roy. Under the name Rob Roy he was racing cars in the thirties. Later better known for his work as an artist in the automobile industry, designing affiches, car presentations and free work. These two oil-paintings rarely come to the marketplace, since his work is very sought after.

Dimensions: 30 x 60 cm.

A very good car mascot ‘Tete d’aigle’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This very nice car mascot is of a light hue. Its incredible detail makes it a very well designed  piece in pristine condition.

Its signed in the mold R. Lalique and France

Height: 11 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 499, number 1138

A ‘woodowl’ pitcher designed by Picasso in 1969

By lennart,

This beautiful pitcher was produced by Madoura Vallauris and designed by Picasso. Its a refined work of art and a great example of the Picasso genius. Edition of 500.

Heigth: 30.5 cm

Stamped with the Madoura stamps and signed Picasso Madoura.

See: Ramie, AR. number 605

A charming pair of side tables by Jean Pascaud (att.)

By lennart,

This charming set of sidetables in red Japanese lacquer were designed around 1940.  These pieces fit perfectly in any modern house. They are a rare find on the market today and in a lovely original condition.

Height: 55 cm.


A rare lithographic poster ‘Vallauris’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This lithograpic bookprinted poster by Picasso was printed by Arnera in 1972. It seems a re-do of the poster in an edition of 500 of 1963 mentioned in Czwiklitzer on page 223, there is also a variation 223A for 1968 in an edition of 220. This one however, a bookblockprinted version of 1972, is not documented.

Dimensions: 38 x 52 cm.

annotated in pencil on the back

See: Czwiklitzer, page 223 and page 561

A very rare big lino by Picasso 1957

By lennart,

This original linogravure was especially made by Picasso for the Vallauris exposition of his ceramics in 1957. For some years it was a tradition that Picasso made a design for the lino posters for the annual ceramics festival in Vallauris. These posters hung in the village in public. This lino was printed by Arnera in an edition of 175 copies plus some hors commerce

Size is 63 cm X 53 cm. with the ‘Hors commerce’ stamps

See: Czwiklitzer page 24 and 534 and Bloch number 1277

A classic and rare vase ‘Avallon’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This Art Deco Japanese decor is a classic R. Lalique design from 1927. Its so delicate and well carved that all details are highlighted. Rare peppermint green R. Lalique “Avallon” vase, France.

Its signed wheel cut R. Lalique France

Height: 12 cm.

See Marcilhac page 436, number 986

Three amusing ‘bird’ plates by Picault

By lennart,

These very sought after ‘bird’ plates were designed and painted by Robert Picault around 1950 in Vallauris. Picault worked closely with Picasso. His designs are unique hand-painted pieces.

Diameter 23,5 cm.

See: Picasso / Picault, ‘A magic Moment in Vallauris 1948-1953’

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