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A variant ‘owl pitcher’ by Madoura designed by Picasso

By lennart,

This small pitcher is the rare variant of the Woodowl pitcher by Madoura Vallauris designed by Picasso. Its slightly smaller and holds a different motif. It seems a squirrel instead of a woodowl.

Heigth: 12 cm

Stamped with the Madoura stamps and signed Picasso Madoura.

See: Ramie, page 53, number 83

A rare ‘Spanish pitcher’ by Madoura designed by Pablo Picasso

By lennart,

This very rare Spanish pitcher in white clay was produced in the Madoura pottery in Vallauris in the South of France. It was designed by Picasso in 1954 and only produced in a small run edition of 200. The original pitchers from Picasso’s youth were made of leather and half moon shaped formed. Its a truly three dimensional sculpture based upon a dove, a classic Picasso theme.

Height: 22,5 cm.

Signed with the Madoura Picasso stamps and signed Edition Madoura.

See: Ramie, page 130, number 245

A nice small lithograph ‘Le Ballet’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This nice colourful lithograph was especially made for the book “Le Ballet” by Boris Kochno. A good friend of Picasso since the Ballet Russes in the late 1910’s. It was made in an unknown edtion in 1954.


See Bloch page 175, number 767

A Picasso Madoura ‘Picador’ round plate circa 1952 AR160

By lennart,

This nice round Picasso Madoura plate was designed by Picasso in 1952 for the Ramie family in Vallauris France. The plate has been painted with the use of parafine, thus showing the picture where the glaze was not gripping the ceramics. This lovely plate was made in an edition of 500 examples. Signed with stamps and ‘Edition Picasso’ on the back. Perfect condition.

Diameter: 19 cm.

See: Ramie, page 89, number 160

A rare lithographic poster ‘Vallauris’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This lithograpic bookprinted poster by Picasso was printed by Arnera in 1972. It seems a re-do of the poster in an edition of 500 of 1963 mentioned in Czwiklitzer on page 223, there is also a variation 223A for 1968 in an edition of 220. This one however, a bookblockprinted version of 1972, is not documented.

Dimensions: 38 x 52 cm.

annotated in pencil on the back

See: Czwiklitzer, page 223 and page 561

A very sought after plate ‘Picador’ by Picasso AR 160 (exception)

By lennart,

This round/square plate is in a very good and original condition. The picador was a favourite theme for Picasso in the early fifties. This piece is produced in only few copies making it a rare find on the market today. It holds the Madoura print marks on the back.

Diameter: 20 cm.

See Ramie, page 160, number 89 (exception)

A very rare big lino by Picasso 1957

By lennart,

This original linogravure was especially made by Picasso for the Vallauris exposition of his ceramics in 1957. For some years it was a tradition that Picasso made a design for the lino posters for the annual ceramics festival in Vallauris. These posters hung in the village in public. This lino was printed by Arnera in an edition of 175 copies plus some hors commerce

Size is 63 cm X 53 cm. with the ‘Hors commerce’ stamps

See: Czwiklitzer page 24 and 534 and Bloch number 1277

A small rounded cup ‘Picador’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This very cute little piece shows one of Picasso’s favourite themes; the bullfight. The bowl has been decorated with a black picador entering the bull and red eartherware slib has been attached around. The black handpainted border makes the scene more dramatic. 500 copies were produced, this one is in pristine condition and signed with stamp and handwritten ‘Edition Picasso.’ Designed in 1955.

Diameter 12,5 cm.

See Ramie, page 150 number 289

A classic Lithograph ‘Faune et Marin’ by Picasso

By lennart,

This very nice and small lithograph was made for the artdealer Gilberte Duclaud as cover for the catalogue of Picasso works in the exhibition of Galerie 65. It was published in 1956 and it is believed that the total edition was no more than 1500 examples. Not many survived in good condition since covers are vulnerable. This piece is well preserved.

Dimensions: 11,5 x 16 cm.

See Bloch, Volume I, page 180, number 800 and Mourlot page 47, number 284

A very nice original ‘Portrait Imaginaire’ by Picasso circa 1969

By lennart,

This amusing original lithograph dates around the late sixties when Picasso was working on a serie of interpretations of old masters. This lithograph was based upon a painting and executed by his long time friend and lithographer Marcel Salinas. The piece is signed in the plate and dated for 1969. It holds a pencil signed edition no. 108 of the 250 for France. The piece is blindstamped with the special Salinas seal.

Two very small parts of upper corners have been professionally restored.

Dimensions: 65 x 50 cm.

Numbered in pencil: F 108 of 250 (total edition size French and America was 500)

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