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A very fine and rare plum Gui vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This very well designed and excecuted vase Gui (crisp molding) was designed by Lalique in 1920. It was one of his best selling designs but in this colour its an extremely rare find. Its signed in the mold R.Lalique.

Height: 17 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 427 number 948

A very rare honey coloured vase ‘Bresse’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This lovely and rare vase is in pristine condition. Deep honey coloured glass heigthened with white stain. The continuum design with coqs gives the piece a motion image. Circa 1931. Signed with sandblasted signature

Height: 10.5 cm

See: Marcilhac page 454 number 1073


A great opalescent ‘Formose’ vase by Lalique

By lennart,

This Art Nouveau Japanese fish decor is a classic R. Lalique design from 1924. Its so delicate and well carved that all details are highlighted. The light blue opalescent glass marks the heads and bodies of the fishes. The patine is light blue.

Its signed in diamond script R. Lalique France

Height: 18 cm.

See Marcilhac page 425, number 934

A very fine molded ‘Archer’ mascotte by Lalique

By lennart,

This pristine Art Deco ‘Archer’ car mascot designed by René Lalique in 1926 is a great example of the variety of the Lalique glass car-mascots in the late twenties. The decor of a young warrior stands out in this deep silver toned edition.

Its signed with the molded signature R. Lalique and in script France.

Height: 13 cm.

See Marcilhac page 498, number 1126

A rare Brandt bronze forged lampfoot with Lalique shade 1926

By lennart,

This bronze forged Art Deco lampfoot was designed by famous French designer Edgar Brandt. The lamp shade was designed by René Lalique. The ideal marriage of the two best designers in their field. Lalique worked with Brandt in the late twenties and made several of these cooparations in light, glass and bronze.

Height: 30 cm.

Base signed ‘EBrandt’ and shade signed ‘R. Lalique France’

Compare: Marcilhac page 615 number C, F and G and page 690

Condition, overall good, Small imperfection on inner side of the lampsocket, not visible

A lovely R. Lalique flacon ‘Les Anemones’ for Forvil

By lennart,

This original R. Lalique flacon ‘Les Anemones’ was designed in 1929. Its in pristine original condion and holds the label of Forvil. Matching stopper and flacon.

Height: 8,5 cm.

See Marcilhac page 932, number Forvil 18

Its signed in the mold ‘R. Lalique France’

A wonderful R. Lalique clock ‘Feuilles’ with ATO movement

By lennart,

This beautiful R. Lalique electric clock ‘Feuilles’ was designed in 1924. The form is made by overlapping leaves with sepia patina.

Good original condition with one tiny fleebite at the back of the clock, not visible.

The height is 17 cm.

See Marcilhac page 371 number 725


A lovely R. Lalique ‘Acacia’ vase circa 1921

By lennart,

This lovely Lalique vase was designed by R. Lalique in 1921. It holds the original blue patina and is in good but used condition. The press molded design is fine and worked out in detail.

Height: 20 cm.

See Marcilhac page 428 number 949

Scratched and molded signature ‘R. Lalique’

A very rare car mascot ‘Faucon’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This very nice car mascot is of a light amethyst hue. Its incredible detail makes it a very well designed  piece in pristine condition.

Its signed in the mold R. Lalique

Height: 15 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 498, number 1124

A charming desk clock ‘Eglantine’ by Lalique

By lennart,

This small and charming desk clock was designed in 1926 by Rene Lalique (1860-1945). This piece was especially commissioned by clockmaker ATO and not availbale in the Lalique catalogue. Its therefore a rare find on the market today and in a lovely original condition. The original plate is high-gloss enamelled and silvered. The clockwork seems historic and untouched but needs a clockmakers check. Signed in the mold.

Height: 12 cm.

See: Marcilhac page 370 number D.

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