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Two stunning race car oil paintings by Robert de La Rivière (Rob Roy)

By lennart,

These two stunning original oil paintings celebrate the early days of car-racing in both Monaco and Le Mans. Painter ‘W. Scott’ was the alias for Robert de La Rivière alias Rob Roy. Under the name Rob Roy he was racing cars in the thirties. Later better known for his work as an artist in the automobile industry, designing affiches, car presentations and free work. These two oil-paintings rarely come to the marketplace, since his work is very sought after.

Dimensions: 30 x 60 cm.

Two very elegant tabourets by Drouet circa 1930’s

By lennart,

These two Tabourets are designed by famous French decorator Rene Drouet. Drouet worked as an apprentice to master designer Maurice Dufrene at the Galeries Lafayette. Thereafter he worked at Parisian firm DIM (Decoration Interieure Mobilier). With a solid knowledge of quality, learned from his apprentice years, he had the ability to provide modern furniture and create complete interiors. These two tabourets are both elegant and very well made. The solid hardwood combines lovely with the creme woven upholstery.

See Kjellberg 1990, page 80-81

Original Jean Perzel lamps and desk lighting

By lennart,

A great selection of Jean Perzel lamps from the 1930’s till the 1950’s available. All with original fittings, innerlight and colours. Height around 50 cm. and 70 cm.

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